We believe in emerging tech
blockchain, next-gen cryptography, and machine learning
to change how business and finance operate.

About us

We've coded, founded, bought, and sold companies in cyber security/warfare, financial services and technology.
We founded BlockNation because it is clear that the current infrastructure is being challenged.


Despite decades of cyber-security tech, data breaches happen daily. Unlike every other industry, innovation in the financial sector is linear at best and unavailable to most. We believe this is about to change as financial institutions, companies and consumers feel the need for radical solutions. Chief among them, building financial services to be more efficient, accessible and inclusive, and building a digital world we can trust.


We invest early, we like to move quickly, speak frankly, and help bridge frontier tech with the older world of finance and business.


We bet on early stage teams, at the convergence of emerging technologies -- particularly blockchains, next-gen cryptography, and machine learning -- to build a more efficient, secure, and inclusive world.


Ready for the new internet?

Financial Services

We are the in the middle of the biggest information revolution in human history, but we are still waiting for the next evolution of finance. The financial system gets incrementally more efficient and scalable as we go, but such a legacy system prevents meaningful improvement, struggles to keep up with customer expectations and leaves out hundreds of millions of people worldwide.


As our digital world takes an ever-increasing part of who we are, we're playing a game of cat and mouse to keep our data safe. Yet, we wake up every day to another data breach from a company we trusted to hold on to our private information. Credit bureaus, airlines, phone carriers, governments... Our personal data is at least as valuable as money and requires new infrastructure where identity, ownership, and privacy are systematically under our control. Let's build a digital world we can trust.


Building new primitives for computing and aggregating unused resources
to make every byte count.


Soon to be announced!


In the meantime, you can join our community of thinkers, builders, and investors who get together to meet, to learn and deep-dive into questions of our nascent industry.


We'd love to exchange ideas, try to be helpful to your company or build things with together.

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